Ethereum has proven to be one of the most favorable technological investments of all time. It was created in 2015, and since then it has grown more than 1000%. To better understand what it is, Ethereum is an open source network, much more than a simple digital currency.


Trades with Ethereum in Steigen Makler can be beneficial in ways that the usual exchanges of cryptocurrencies do not offer.


  • Short selling, “Sale on the rise, buy on the downside” defines what is short selling, which allows the operator to benefit when markets fall and also when they recover. In other words, short selling is driven by the belief that the price index will go down, allowing the buyer to buy at its lowest price and then benefit.


  • High leverage, is an advantage provided by the broker to the operator. This allows you to open much larger positions with minimal investment. Leverage can magnify your potential benefits and, at the same time, magnify your losses.


  • Automatic trading is a program that creates automatic orders and presents them to the exchange market. These systems can carry out repetitive tasks at a high speed. They also provide copies from social networks, or reflect the positions of experienced operators who have shown a record of successes.


Conditions of Operations:



  •  Fixed Spreads
  • Minimum size of operation 1
  • Leverage 20: 1
  • Trading hours 24/7
  • ETH symbol


It is already known that this cryptocurrency can be more than a digital asset. Its value is found in the powerful computer language of its blockchain called “Solidity”. Your goal is to be something totally different from the rest of the other currencies. With its improved application, there is an increase in demand from “Ether” programmers.

The price of ETH has risen recently and has reached its maximum of all time. Bitcoin has also been rising, and when this happens, the desire of investors for other cryptocurrency is boosted where they can make a profit. As Ethereum and Bitcoin do not compete, both can benefit when one of them goes up.

Random events that affect the rise or fall of the ETH price may occur, such as a sharp drop in the value of Ethereum in general, which occurred in June 2017. The Ethereum news and its precipitous fall occurred in a very short space of time , literally seconds after an important liquidation that caused the liquidation by other operators of its digital currency.

However, in that situation, in seconds, the computer algorithms were already buying again and the price recovered quickly. As you can see, the volatility of digital currencies can alter prices in seconds. The general public and the operators asked themselves the same questions when all this happened, how the recovery was carried out and in what period of time.

Any significant increase in value can, eventually, lead to the correction of a price. As in the cryptocurrency market or in any other market in general, momentum may be slower at any given time.


  • Applications are protected against fraud and cyber attacks due to their secure cryptography


  • It can not be censored, since the application is based on the principle in the decision-making process of a group


  • No changes can be made to the data by third parties


  • Ethereum has more applications than Bitcoin.



The Mist browser is the interface and digital portfolio of Ethereum users. In it, you can store, operate and manage your contracts. Mist and MetaMask (another browser) help blockchain-based applications to be more accessible.


Ethereum continues with its simple-to-use platform, which allows the public to use blockchain technology.